Implementing IIoT and Connected Factories is becoming an obligatory task. However, despite having access to numerous guidelines and strategies, corporations often lack real insights and the needed experience to succeed.

A unique partnership

To address this issue KeyCore has entered partnership with CloudRail.

As partners CloudRail and KeyCore are offering a unique solution by combining CloudRail’s capabilities in acquiring data from sensors and KeyCore’s capabilities on delivering AWS IoT solutions, realizing a cooperation which ensures seamless enablement of dataflow from sensors to all AWS IoT.

This will give corporations access to the core values of IIoT:

  • Analysis of data across production lines, facilities, and equipment
  • Improvement of the full production process across multiple plants
  • Reduction of waste and energy consumption
  • Data for predictive equipment maintenance

CloudRail is a market leader offering fully managed solutions to acquire data from industrial environments, pre-process it locally and send it to any cloud – Plug&Play.

CloudRail works for greenfield as well as brownfield applications. It uses industry standards like OPC-UA to connect modern equipment, while old machines are retrofitted with secondary sensors. A database of over 12.000 sensor definitions in combination with automated data normalization and device provisioning reduces the setup time for connecting a machine to the cloud from weeks to just hours.

Besides faster time to value for IIoT projects, CloudRail provides a cloud-based device management solution which allows enterprise customers to securely roll-out, manage, and update thousands of globally distributed edge devices.

KeyCore is one of the leading AWS partners in the Nordics. KeyCore has significant experience from delivering IoT solutions using the AWS IoT services and are focusing exclusively on delivering AWS solutions & consultancy to customers in the Nordics.

KeyCore partner, Tue Lystrup, explains:

“This partnership brings a significant change into the IoT/IIoT market. By combining the CloudRail offering with our experience in deploying the AWS IoT technology we can accelerate enablement of sensor data across assets significantly and break down data silos without significant expenses in retrofitting of sensors or deploying new software. We are looking forward to reap the benefits in a close cooperation with CloudRail to deliver IIoT solutions in AWS to our Nordic customers”.

CloudRail partner manager, Philip Weber, emphasizes:

“IoT integrations are complex cross-divisional projects. Our CloudRail technology enables fast machine connectivity with an integrated device management and sophisticated IT security concept. As our strong integration partner in the Nordics, KeyCore utilizes AWS services to create value out of the acquired production data. This partnership creates a complete offering from machine connectivity to ready-to-use AWS and enables our customers to seamlessly scale from a PoC to multi-site IIoT systems.”

PoC in 4 weeks

As a starting point for the cooperation KeyCore will offer to kickstart the dataflow from sensors to AWS IoT in 4 weeks.

The program offered by KeyCore and CloudRail delivers an executable PoC for condition & process monitoring.

It entails:

  • Up to 4 days of consultancy lead by the AWS certified experienced KeyCore cloud architects setting up the solution and designing the AWS infrastructure.
  • A CloudRail.Box edge gateway and 3 months CloudRail subscription – Including two sensors of choice
  • 4 operational metrics for data extraction
  • Enablement of data streaming and storage of data from the PLC/sensors in scope in S3 for extraction and analysis
  • Visualizing data from the previously defined operational metrics in the standard SiteWise Monitor dashboard

For further information please contact:

Tue Lystrup
Mobile: +45 29838670


Philip Weber
Strategic Partner Management
Mobile: +49 151 28059431

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