The client is a leading player in the financial industry with a complex portfolio of products distributed to B2C and B2B customers across a number of different channels and partnerships, resulting in a complex IT infrastructure.


The customer had a number of e-business projects which had the necessary momentum. However, there could not be a sufficiently short time-to-market on the projects, while using traditional prioritization and allocation of resources.


Reconfiguring the design and establishment of complete multi-account AWS infrastructure that leverages scalability and shortens time-to-market.

The solution contains an architecture that, through its design, ensured a very high degree of IT security, which can satisfy the security requirements found in the financial sector. To achieve this, KeyCore used AWS WAF, which ensures an efficient implementation of security in all areas of the infrastructure.

In addition to execution, both in terms of design and establishment of the AWS setup, KeyCore ensured training of the customer’s resources, so that on an organizational level, work was also focused on supporting the significant change in development methodology.


The customer achieved that the development time for new e-business was shortened significantly, just as the costs in connection with setting up new operating environments were reduced.

Furthermore, the result was that the e-business team now works much more agilely in their development, where it has been shown that the implementation of an AWS setup has been an important tool to implement in order to achieve the necessary internal transformation of the organization space.

Technologies used

AWS API Gateway

AWS Aurora MySQL
AWS CloudFront
AWS DynamoDB
AWS Redshift
AWS Lambda
AWS EC2 for Microsoft Windows

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