Finnish company Cloud2 joins forces with KeyCore – New player brings multi-cloud expertise to the Danish market

A Finnish cloud company, Cloud2 acquires Danish KeyCore, in order to accelerate growth in the Nordic market and enable a wider cloud service portfolio for customers. In the future, more than 100 highly skilled cloud professionals will work together, located mainly in Helsinki, Tampere, Copenhagen, and Aarhus. Two companies will merge into one group, which will continue under the name of Cloud2.

The deal that shakes up both markets

KeyCore is a highly specialized Amazon Web Services solution provider and the AWS-partner leader in the Danish market. Cloud2’s advanced expertise covers a range of cloud environments (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform) and the company is known for its ability to build efficient and safe multi-cloud solutions.
“Our unique strengths, knowledge and skills will complement each other. We believe that together we can unlock new technologies and services to the customer, and broaden their choices in the cloud market,” says Cloud2 CEO Henri Grönlund.
Danish customers get to take advantage of Cloud2’s first-class multi-cloud expertise and insights into the possibilities of different cloud platforms. On the other hand, by acquiring KeyCore, Cloud2 brings new AWS expertise to the Finnish IT market and in the future will raise its joint AWS partnership level to the Premier Partnership category.
“Cloud Governance as a Service, Managed Cloud best practices and Platform Engineering are some of our strengths, as well as Spotter, our unique tool for cloud monitoring. Through the acquisition, they will become available for wider audiences,” Grönlund lists.
Grönlund ads, “In addition to strengthening the leading AWS position in Denmark, together we aim to answer the increasing customer demand to provide multi-cloud services which will mean investments in building better Azure and Google Cloud managed and professional service capabilities in Denmark”
Both companies will complement each other in their offerings. KeyCores strong presence in DevOps, data analytics and IoT – whereas Cloud2’s strengths are in multi-cloud, cloud networking, managed services, and cloud security.

Shared culture: Business as unusual

The concept of joining forces appealed to both companies due to the striking similarity in their cultures and values. This common ground was a solid foundation for establishing a shared future and fostering customer relationships.

“We challenge the IT field by working transparently towards customers and steering away from a stiff corporate-like way of working. Our focus is on our customers, who need to get value out of their cloud fast, safely, and efficiently,” Grönlund says.

“Customers will receive the same uncompromising attitude and high quality as before, but with loads of new expertise. The journey is just beginning, and now we will focus on refining our common culture and ways of working to deliver even greater value to our customers.”


Cloud2, based in Helsinki, Finland, was founded in 2017. It offers a wide variety of cloud migration, modernization, monitoring, and security services. Until now, there have been ca. 80 employees working in the company. Cloud2’s customers represent various sectors, including energy and education.

KeyCore was founded in 2011. Its services include planning migrations, application development, IoT projects, big data, migrations, and more. It is the leading Amazon Web Services partner having the largest staff of AWS-certified consultants in Denmark, with almost 40 employees and offices in both Copenhagen and Aarhus.

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