Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently launched its new External Key Store (XKS) solution, providing customers with a hold-your-own-key option for extended data encryption. This key management service (KMS) provides customers with a higher level of control over their data and helps them meet compliance requirements like GDPR etc.

KeyCore, the leading AWS partner in Denmark, is proud to present the most advanced XKS solution on the market. The solution is based on technology from Thales and its LUNA HSM, which has set the standard for advanced and secure encryption for many years. KeyCore’s XKS solution is fully managed and offers many of the same benefits as KeyCore’s other managed services.

Enables Key Store outside AWS

With AWS XKS solution, customers are able to control their own encryption keys outside AWS and manage access to their data, while still taking advantage of AWS’ advanced encryption and security features. The process works by allowing customers to create their own encryption keys in their own Hardware Security Module (HSM), which is approved by AWS. Then, the customers can register their HSM in AWS KMS and use their own keys to encrypt their data in AWS services such as S3, RDS, and EBS.

One of the major benefits of the XKS service is that it gives customers the ability to maintain full control over their keys, even when they are stored in AWS. This means that customers can choose to move the keys to another HSM or even take them out of AWS completely, if necessary.

XKS also provides advanced security features like multi-factor authentication and audit logging to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the keys. This helps customers maintain compliance with data protection and security regulations.

With KeyCore’s XKS solution, customers can be sure that their data is protected in the best possible way and meets the high security standards set by both Danish- and EU law.


For more information on XKS, Thales LUNA HSM, and KeyCore’s managed services, please visit the following links:


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