International life science company specialized in biotechnology. Has around 6,000 employees in 30 countries.


In connection with securing support for governance across the company’s entire enterprise, the establishment of an IIoT infrastructure with the option of distributing sensor data to both internal networks and the AWS data lake in S3 while observing the strict governance rules that apply within life science, special focus.

The company’s research, development and production lines are dependent on careful and real-time monitoring of data collected via IIoT networks, consisting of sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, plant status, etc. New sensors are continuously connected to the IIoT infrastructure, and therefore it was possible for a compliant, secure and agile connection between sensors and internal networks and the AWS cloud is crucial.


To ensure the desired connection between sensors in the IIoT infrastructure and both the internal networks and the data sheet in AWS, KeyCore used Raspberry Pi devices. Raspberry Pi are single-board computers that are easily linked to devices such as sensors with USB and connected to networks with WiFi, Bluetooth or Gigabit Ethernet.

KeyCore, in collaboration with the customer’s IIoT team, delivered a plug n’play Raspberry Pi solution where the company’s IIoT infrastructure is automatically on-boarded using AWS IoT Fleet Provisioning with dynamic configuration of AWS IoT Greengrass with approved unique certificates for IP and MAC addresses (unique addresses assigned to technical equipment).

Compliance was ensured, among other things, through AWS’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) CloudFront, which has the market’s strongest protection against, among other things, DDoS attacks, and AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF). KeyCore’s solution ensures that both unknown IP addresses and unapproved MAC addresses are rejected per default.

With KeyCore’s solution, the company’s IIoT infrastructure also achieved compliance by ensuring full traceability in relation to measurement results and data.

Protection, security and traceability are crucial for compliance with, among other things, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC, SOC 1/2/3, FedRAMP Moderate, HIPAA.

Monitoring of the IIoT infrastructure – soft as well as hardware – was delivered through a customized dashboard based on DataDog with a real-time overview of key data such as performance, logs and network security.

From project start to a fully implemented solution, the process took four months.

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