The customer is an international retailer that has a presence both in physical stores and on the Internet. The existing application portfolio was built up over many years (30+) with integration of the customer’s entire value chain from production to distribution.


To build and implement a robust integration platform (Hybrid Integration Platform), which binds existing applications’ data together with new cloud-enabled applications and PaaS systems.

The goal of implementing a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) was to facilitate faster implementation of new services and applications in a rapidly changing market.

The customer’s total scope was more than 600 applications that had to be simultaneously integrated with the existing, complex IT infrastructure, which covered both a multi cloud and on prem setup.


Establishment of AWS infrastructure, which consists of an API layer, a microservice layer and an Event Hub. Data from existing systems are delivered as events in the integration platform, where they are consumed by microservices and exposed to the PaaS systems through well-defined APIs. The main components of the solution are Managed Kubernetes from AWS (EKS), Kafka Event Hub and SQL and NoSQL databases.

The platform is deployed globally in four regions and must serve a global user community.


The customer established a robust cloud infrastructure on AWS, which can handle large amounts of data and which makes it easy to integrate new applications that need connection to existing data and systems.

The implemented infrastructure (Hybrid Application Platform) enables the customer to migrate existing systems over time to new applications and PaaS solutions, without this having an impact on the roadmaps and operation of the applications that need to be replaced.

Technologies used

AWS Kubernetes
Confluent Kafka
Oracle API Gateway
F5 firewall
AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) / AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB)
AWS Service Catalog
AWS CodePipeline
AWS CloudWatch
AWS CloudFormation
AWS DocumentDB
AWS RDS for Oracle

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