In today’s digital world, data analysis is a crucial tool for making informed decisions and understanding customers better. PowerBI is one of the most popular tools for data visualization and analysis, and it can now be used on AWS to get even more out of your data analysis.

As Denmark’s leading AWS partner, KeyCore is ready to help you use PowerBI on AWS. With PowerBI on AWS, companies can easily and securely access their data, regardless of where it is stored, and visualize it in a clear and informative way.

PowerBI on AWS allows businesses to connect to their data stored in AWS services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon S3, and then use PowerBI’s advanced tools to analyze and visualize the data. This allows businesses to take advantage of AWS’s scalable infrastructure and security, while using PowerBI’s easy-to-use interface to get more out of their data.

One of the big benefits of using PowerBI on AWS is that it allows companies to access their data from any device, making it easier to share analysis and reports with others in the organization. It also provides the opportunity to collaborate on data analysis across departments and geographical locations.

KeyCore also offers managed services where they can help companies implement and manage their PowerBI solution on AWS. This allows companies to focus on their core business, while KeyCore ensures that the PowerBI solution runs optimally and complies with legal data protection and security requirements.

In a world where data analysis is critical to making informed decisions, using PowerBI on AWS is a powerful tool to get the most out of your data. KeyCore is ready to help your business deploy and manage a PowerBI solution on AWS so you can focus on taking advantage of your data.

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