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KeyCore wants to be a workplace for the most talented employees in the industry. Nothing less. And we believe that we achieve this by working on the most interesting projects, by providing the best framework for the work, and by having fair, transparent and logical rules for how we work and develop together. Read below what that means.

Fleksible arbejdsforhold

You will experience a unique workplace

Flexibility about time and place

  • It's important that we all have a good balance between our work and the other things we spend our lives doing and taking part in. So whether it's family, hobbies, animals or anything else you prioritise outside of work, there should be room for it. Therefore, we offer a flexible working day both in terms of place and time. Of course, we must keep our customers happy, but our experience is that dialogue is the way forward, and with this philosophy we always find a solution that satisfies everyone.

Development, training and learning

  • We are part of an industry where everything is developing rapidly. The knowledge we have today quickly becomes obsolete. So to ensure that we are always relevant and up to date, all KeyCore employees are trusted with an annual training budget that they manage themselves. We uphold close sparring between employee and manager, while acknowledging that in the end it is the employees themselves who can best assess their needs, and what will motivate them.


  • We believe that for you to have the necessary tools available to do your job is an important motivator. Just as training and continued development are essential, you also need the right equipment. So we set no fixed standards, and we don't operate on machines that are half worn out. What you need of PC, phone, headset, etc. is for you to choose.

Home Office

  • Ensuring you large flexibility is important to us. Hence, it is appropriate that you have a home office, equipped to prevent damages or other problems. Therefore, we give a subsidy for what you may require in addition to the monitor, keyboard and mouse that you get from us. It's all bought on a gross salary scheme.

Events and good teamwork

  • We regularly arrange various events, depending on the proposals. From a poker night to wine tasting and family events. Feel free to make new suggestions.

What would KeyCore expect from you as a colleague?

Together, we are our workplace. Therefore, we have these core expectations of each other about how we act and interact with each other.

  • You will contribute to the community, both with your knowledge and your ideas. We help each other and everyone is encouraged to ask for help instead of sitting and brooding over a problem themselves. There is probably always a colleague who can help you.
  • You will contribute to making us constantly getting better. Both professionally and when it comes to processes, products and everything else. Everyone's thoughts and ideas are important for us to develop.
  • We all take responsibility for playing each other well, helping each other and making the best possible solutions for our customers.


Questions you can't find answers to?

You are always very welcome to contact us and hear more about what it is like to work in KeyCore.

Frequently asked questions

Below, we have gathered answers to some of the questions we are often asked - please help us if there is anything we should add.

Our tasks vary a lot, and they almost always contain elements of development, but the answer to that question really depends entirely on how you define the role of "developer". At KeyCore, many of us come from a background of application development, and we use these skills almost every single day. Many of us come from a more infrastructure related background and have more focus on these parts - common to all of us is, however, that we understand that in a modern Cloud architecture, the layers are much more connected than in the traditional IT world, and hence, we all have a broad understanding of both infrastructure and applications.

No one can be an expert in everything about AWS, but you can be a specialist in one or more areas. So you need to be either a specialist or a heavy generalist in the field of AWS.

It depends a lot on the individual task. In general, we can say that if you can't code, you're going to have a hard time.


We have an internal project methodology that we use for the projects we run alone, and this is based on our many years of experience with agile methods and management of deliverables and requirements. When with our customers, we operate in and with the methodologies that customers prefer, but these are often also based on the agile principles.


Again, it's very diverse, but we see quite a few Java, JavaScript, and Python.

The projects can last anything from a few days to years. We can discuss what you prefer. It’s possible to enroll on a project but roll off before it is finished (if it is a longer project) or to kindly reject an extension.


Again, this is something we agree on, and it can also be influenced by the length of the project, and to what extend the customer expects you to be on-prem. We have offices in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, and our customers are located throughout Denmark and abroad. So what suits you is up for agreements. We would never send you out as a consultant on a task that does not suit you, whether it is because of the location or something else.


Yes, sometimes you may well be put on a task alone. But we will try to accommodate for your preferences.


At the end of 2022, our average age is approx. 45 years old.


We have our annual Christmas fun, New Year's celebration and a summer party, and besides that we frequently arrange everything from wine tasting, to poker nights, Friday bars and much more. Everyone is encouraged to suggest new ideas, and we are very happy to support new initiatives.


Then you can be a generalist like some of our consultants, but nothing will be static, so if you want to change your focus, we will find out how to best do it.


This often happens to most of us in KeyCore. We encourage everyone to develop and learn, so it is quite natural if your interests change over time.


If a project requires travelling and you want to, then yes, otherwise you don’t have to.


For the first month or so, we expect every new colleague to be in the office as much as possible. In our experience it is easier to get to know all things when you are physically present. After a first month, you will organise your working day to balance the requirements of the customer and KeyCore with your personal needs in relation to family, hobbies, etc.

On the last Friday of the month, we try to gather everyone in the office for a knowledge sharing session, which may include presentations or conferrals from colleagues or externals about e.g. new features, clever solutions or other services.
Once a quarter, we spend all day working with knowledge sharing, otherwise it is from 12 noon. We eat lunch together and usually end with a beer and a chat.


No, no one at KeyCore expects you to work more than what you are employed for, e.g. 37 hours a week. Sometimes, due to the urgency of a project, extra time could be needed, but no one will blame you if it does not fit in because, say, you have to pick up the children or similar commitments. Your work-life balance is always at our heart.


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