AWS Solution Architect

We mean it when we say that we want to be the best place to work with AWS
It is important that we all have a good balance between our work and the other things we spend our lives doing and taking part in. So whether it's family, hobbies, animals or anything else you prioritise outside of work, there should be room for it. Therefore, we offer a flexible working day both in terms of place and time. Of course, we must keep our customers happy, but in our experience dialogue is the way forward, and with this philosophy we always find a solution that satisfies everyone.

For your home office, we will provide both equipment and subsidies, and we let you choose which equipment you want to work with.

In our believe, we become better when everyone helps each other in the daily work and share their knowledge. Propriety, respect and good teamwork are values that shine through everything we do in our daily work, and in our interaction with customers. It is our individual competencies that create the foundation, but our interaction is what really makes us strong.

Employees at KeyCore are among the highest certified in AWS' solutions and services. Your development will commence already at your onboarding, and you will get your own training budget, which you are to handle yourself. Sparring is always at hand, but we trust you know best what you need and what will motivate you.

How would you enjoy this job?
You probably already have solid experience in areas such as infrastructure, application architecture, Cloud adoption, migration, design and implementation. You are also familiar with AWS.

Of course, you can code and preferably do it in several different coding languages. We regard it an advantage if you have experience with agile development methods and perhaps also DevOps.

Our work takes place in close sparring with our customers, and therefore experience with customer contact and understanding of the business-oriented aspects will entail a firm footing for you.

Your educational background may well be a computer scientist or engineer, but we also have several who have a completely different background, so as long as you can translate your knowledge, your education is not that important.

How is the application process?
Our recruitment process is handled via LinkedIn Recruiter, and you need to apply for the job and attach your CV by following the link below.

Since we hope to quicikly employ more new colleagues, we prefer to hold regular conversations, so please let us hear from you as soon as possible. Feel free to ask about anything you would like to know, we are both informal and openminded.

The 1st interview will be held via Teams, and the 2nd conversation will take place in our office, which is your opportunity to have your own view of it.

If you want to hear more about the job as AWS Solutions Architect at KeyCore, you are welcome to contact Consultant Manager Michael Sjøberg-Nielsen on tel. +45 3116 2779.

Should you want to know more about KeyCore in general or our recruitment process, you are welcome to contact our People Manager, Anette Jespersen on tel. +45 3030 5360.


We look forward to hearing from you

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