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KeyCore is the leading AWS partner in Denmark with certified consultants who have extensive expertise in AWS technology. We work with every part of AWS and help businesses of all sizes take advantage of the opportunities in the Cloud. KeyCore has a strong team of skilled consultants who has solid experience in implementing and managing AWS solutions, and can help everyone get the most out of their investment in AWS. With KeyCore as your partner, you have a skilled and experienced advisor who can help you get maximum value from the use of the Cloud.

Our approach to the Cloud

We can ensure your company a secure digital transformation with solutions that will strengthen your business now and in the future

We are opening the world's largest Cloud

As a leading AWS partner in Denmark, we ensure our customers optimal and tailor-made solutions that take full advantage of the possibilities of Amazon Web Service: the world's largest provider of Cloud.

We look at both sides

When your possibilities are almost endless, it is crucial to have a partner who has in-depth expert knowledge. Not only within opportunities and benefits, but also when it comes to challenges and issues. It is our AWS specialists' knowledge and many years of experience that ensure our customers will reach their goals safely and strengthened with solutions that are geared to the present and the future.

Technology comes second

We always put business above technology. Our AWS experts base their entire approach on how to help our customers achieve the greatest business-critical benefits, and thus get the tools that optimize their competitiveness, innovation power, and revenue when using AWS.

Very broad experience

We are the partner with most certified consultants, who have a very broad background from many different industries, and therefore they have most likely met challenges like yours before.

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AWS Cloud with control of the economy

If your transition from CAPEX to OPEX is to take place in a scalable infrastructure without unpleasant surprises and budget overruns, it requires a thorough understanding not only of the technical specifications, but a broader and more specialized competence profile.

Therefore, KeyCore has specially trained AWS Cloud Economists who combine deep insight and experience within the three core areas: Cloud infrastructure, internal processes and workflows, and budget optimization and finance.

Ideally, our AWS Cloud Economist will be involved from the beginning to ensure that clear policies are in place for logging, warning and automation of cost-controlling processes, and agile resource allocation across the organisation.

If you already have an existing AWS cloud infrastructure, our AWS Cloud Economist will prepare an in-depth analysis using eg. AWS CloudWatch that provides insights down to the smallest instance: hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second. This means full overview of total consumption across all EC2 instances, categorized by departments, services or business areas as far as 15 months back.

Based on this, we prepare a comprehensive catalogue of policies for the optimal allocation strategy, and the automated processes to support the priority needs.


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Compliance is neither an opt-in nor an add-on. It is a key pillar in all digital solutions

Compliance has never been more important. Not just as external legal requirements, but as an increasingly essential internal management tool that supports not only strict compliance with the safety aspects, but similarly systematizes the correct handling of all processes across - vertically and horizontally.

The same principle defines KeyCore's development of digital solutions, where compliance is an integral pillar for our security and compliance experts, who use their in-depth knowledge and experience with AWS' Well-Architected Framework (WAF) to create compliance solutions that are based on companies' organizational and operational framework conditions, and support the business objectives.

AWS has the market's widest range of compliance resources that certify coherence with all global compliance regulations and documentation requirements. As an Advanced and Well-Architected Partner, KeyCore is certified to work and develop based on AWS' extensive resource catalogue for ensuring compliance.

Our specialists have many years of experience in solving advanced tasks for customers across many different industries

Tue Lystrup, Partner

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