KeyCore can help your business minimize its costs

AWS cloud provides access to free scalability. This will spare you the challenges from on-prem or warehouse solutions while instead ensuring that you always have the right capacity. We can support you with the right expertise to secure you never lose control of costs.


AWS Cloud with control of the economy

The transition from CAPEX to OPEX in a scalable infrastructure can be done without surprises and exceeded budgets. It all depends on whether your company choose to assign an advisor with deep knowledge within technical specifications, and with a broader and more specialised competence profile.

KeyCore's specially trained AWS Cloud Economists have insight and experience in the three core areas:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Internal processes and workflows
  • Budget optimization and finance

Ideally, an AWS Cloud Economist is involved from the start to ensure that clear policies are established for logging, warnings and automation of cost-controlling processes, and also agile resource allocation across the organization.

If you already have an existing AWS Cloud infrastructure, our AWS Cloud Economist will prepare an analysis using eg. AWS CloudWatch, which provides insights down to the smallest instance: Hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second. You will get a full overview of the total consumption across all EC2 instances, categorized by departments, services or business areas as far as 15 months back.

Based on this, we will prepare a comprehensive catalogue of policies for your optimal allocation strategy and the automated processes necessary to support your priority needs.

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