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We can help your company take advantage of the fact that the increased digitisation of entire value chains has opened up for connecting devices and subsequently collecting and analysing data from all devices in production. That is not the future. It is now.

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With AWS solutions, your company can collect data from all sensors in a single production line, a factory or from an entire network such as production facilities, packaging, and the logistics centre. With the integration of both AI and ML, you can proactively improve your performance by identifying potential bottlenecks, errors, gaps in production processes, and quality issues before they emerge.

As an AWS partner, KeyCore implements solutions based on, eg. AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Defender  and AWS IoT Device Management.  Thus we can provide tools to secure, control and manage all connected devices and subsequently automate data monitoring, collection and analysis.

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When possibilities are almost endless, it is crucial to have a partner who has in-depth expert knowledge. Not just in opportunities and benefits, but in challenges.

AWS sets an international standard for cloud solutions, which has been the driving force behind AWS’ global market share of 46% and its position as the most used cloud provider in the world.

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