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Following the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) process can provide several benefits for businesses. Some of the key benefits of following the AWS MAP process include the following:

Guidance and support: One of the key benefits of AWS MAP is the guidance and support it provides throughout the migration process. AWS MAP offers a step-by-step approach to migration with clear guidance and instructions at every step. This can help companies navigate the migration process more efficiently and avoid potential pitfalls.

Access to experts: Another benefit of AWS MAP is the availability of a team of experienced migration experts. These experts can provide personalised assistance and advice to help companies plan and execute their migration. They can also help businesses optimise their Cloud environment and take full advantage of the benefits of the Cloud.

Cost savings: AWS MAP can also help businesses save money during their migration. The program provides access to promotional credit, which can be used to offset the cost of migrating to the Cloud. In addition, the programme can connect companies with APN partners and MSPs, who can offer funding and funding opportunities to help cover the costs of migration.

Improved security and compliance: Following the AWS MAP process can also help businesses improve security and compliance with their data and applications. AWS MAP provides access to a range of security and compliance tools and resources to help businesses protect their data and meet regulatory requirements.

In summary, following the AWS MAP process can provide businesses with guidance and support, access to experts, cost savings, and improved security and compliance. These benefits can help businesses migrate to the Cloud more efficiently and effectively and take full advantage of the benefits of the Cloud.

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