KeyCore's values

At a time when values are easily shifted or cheapened, you'll find that in KeyCore, we take our values seriously. These key words are carefully chosen to help us focus internally and differentiate externally in relation to other companies in the market.


  • We constantly focus on further education and conscious prioritisation of knowledge sharing
  • We believe that each of us becomes better when we actively contribute to knowledge sharing within the team


  • We take responsibility for entire solutions, not just our own tasks
  • We investigate problems in depth and do not make patchwork solutions without understanding and communicating the consequences thereof

Customer focus

  • We understand that our role is to help our customers move forward, and we always endeavour to deliver the right solution to each customer
  • We take responsibility for helping our customers innovate, simplify, and update their solutions in line with the latest technological developments


  • We give each other honest, helpful, and constructive feedback
  • We take particular pride in keeping our agreements with customers and each other, and we always communicate early and proactively if the conditions for our agreements change
  • We follow up on whether we achieve the goals we have set ourselves, and we are open about the results


  • We see the strength in diversity, and we prioritise helping each other because it enables us to make better solutions
  • We never compromise on listening first, talking nicely and treating each other decently – regardless of deadlines or topic
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