KeyCore Managed Services offers scaling within your solution – choose your basic plan below

With KeyCore Managed Services, payment is two-part - one part is fixed and consists of the package of services selected, and one part is calculated as a percentage of the monthly AWS consumption for the AWS accounts enrolled in KeyCore Managed Services. It is thus possible to roll out KeyCore Managed Services in the organization one AWS account at a time. Since the cost calculated for a single account is based on AWS consumption, there is no risk of being tied to operating expenses should a solution be shut down for business reasons.


When you can do most things yourself - but need us to react quickly 24/7

DKK 10,000 / Month

Highlighted items

  • 9-16 Service Desk via chat and email in Danish and English on T/M
  • Security Management
  • Automated monitoring
  • Ongoing Cost Optimising on T/M
  • Extra Servcies on T/M
  • Backup Management on T/M
  • SLA on reaction time


For solutions that are important, but not necessarily around the clock.

DKK 25,000 / Month
+ 15% of AWS usage
(for enrolled accounts)

Highlighted items

  • 8-17 Service Desk via chat and email in Danish and English
  • Security Management
  • Customized Monitoring
  • Ongoing Cost Optimising
  • Extra Services on T/M
  • Backup Management
  • SLA on reaction time
  • Partner-LED AMS with 24/7 Reactions
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When your business requires solutions that are always available.

DKK 65,000 / Month
+ 20% of AWS usage
(for enrolled accounts)

Everything in Standard, plus

  • Service Desk phone support
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • SLA on availability
  • ... more


The best of KeyCore and the best of AMS - for business-critical solutions.

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Everything in Business, plus

  • Dedicated Cloud SDM
  • Pro-active improvement suggestions
  • Service Desk 24/7
  • Monthly security review
  • Individual Reporting
  • ... more
Required AWS Support Level Business or higher Business or higher Business or higher Business or higher
Onboarding Project Discount 10% 15%
Max number of AWS Accounts enrolled 3 3 5 10
Optional differentiated SLA on each account X X
Service Desk - web and email access X X X X
- chat access X X X
- phone X X
- integrated in your ITSM X
Incident Response 6 hours within 9 - 16 24 / 7 / 365 24 / 7 / 365 24 / 7 / 365
Service Desk Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9 - 16 Monday to Friday 8 - 16 Monday to Friday 8 - 16 24 / 7 / 365
SLA Tiers Available Standard and Critical Standard and Critical Standard and Critical
SLA on availability X X
Security Incident Response Team T/M Included Included Included
Incident Management T/M T/M Included Included
Problem Management T/M T/M Included Included
Adhoc access to Cloud Architects on T/M X X X X
Weekly uptime reporting X X X X
Ongoing Cost Optimisation X X X
Backup Management X X X
Full access to AWS AMS X X X X
Standard Automated Monitoring X X X X
Custom monitoring X X X
Dedicated Cloud SDM X

See also our many options for additional services - for example:

Frequently asked questions

Every solution is different, and every organisation is unique - but we can assure you that our Managed Service solution will also suit you. Below you’ll find a collection of frequently asked questions, but we would love to answer other inquiries if you contact us.

AMS means Amazon Managed Services, and this is a very special AWS service that cannot be activated in the same way as all the others. AMS is Amazon's own in-house experts and tools for monitoring solutions on AWS. 

Read more about AMS here

We believe that Cloud operations should be just as flexible as Cloud services, and therefore we only have a 30-day commitment in our agreements. However, we offer a discount if you commit longer.

Many of our customers have special requirements for who can access their solution, and we have therefore developed a special variant of AMS that accommodates this. It is a product primarily aimed at European customers, and it provides the opportunity to ensure that only pre-approved and specially trained resources can access your data.

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