As the first Danish AWS partner, KeyCore has gained an AWS Migration Competency.

Our AWS experts are among the most highly certified in Scandinavia.
The competence profiles of our experts are very extensive, but a continuous focus since our establishment has been to ensure a targeted specialization within several important areas. A particular priority area has been cloud migration and based on a number of larger, well-orchestrated migration projects, KeyCore has been audited and now officially certified with the AWS Migration Competency.

The Validation Process
The AWS Migration Competency accreditation requires validation through a long-term, comprehensive auditing, where audits are carried out by both an AWS’ internal team and an external audit partner. These audits are carried out via careful scrutiny of concrete completed migration projects with selected customers. This includes assessment and validation within the main categories of Migration Methodology, Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization.

In all of these, through documented results with the selected customers, KeyCore has proven to be a partner that meets AWS’s high quality requirements, also within the migration field.

KeyCore Partner Tue Lystrup explains:
“KeyCore’s AWS Migration Competency accreditation is a very welcome confirmation of our strategy of continuously working to sharpen and target our strong AWS professional profile. We are one of the leading AWS partners in Scandinavia and also one of the AWS partners who have the largest number of Danish-based AWS experts, which enables us to support both our Danish and Nordic customers in their migration. Our experts can support the migration process on-site to ensure that the migration goals are achieved, and the entire organization is aligned.

This requires that we continuously stay sharp and have the right skills, and therefore our experts are on a constant, structured, and ambitious learning curve, where the breadth and not least the depth of their AWS expert capacity is reinforced.
But we also believe that you must focus as an AWS partner – it is not possible to be an expert on all AWS services – and this is where we have prioritized migration as our Field of Excellence. The official validation and accreditation from AWS prove that this was the right choice”.

For more information about KeyCore’s cloud migration services contact:

Partner Tue Lystrup
+45 70555404

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