Pronestor is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of meeting management software for booking meeting rooms and catering, display solutions and guest registration. Pronestor’s customers are present globally and therefore need a robust IT infrastructure that supports a global set-up. Pronestor has chosen to use AWS infrastructure for their solution.


Pronestor wanted to focus on the development of their core applications and therefore needed specialist assistance in relation to the optimization of their AWS infrastructure.

Pronestor requested a backup infrastructure that could be used in their global AWS setup.

The goal was to be able to mitigate potential outcomes on parts of the AWS infrastructure used, without this causing a lack of access to services for Pronestor’s customers. Furthermore, it was a goal that the backup and associated restoration (restore) should be able to be carried out without operational disruptions for Pronestor’s customers.

Pronestor also wanted better monitoring of their existing MS SQL databases, so that performance and costs could be continuously optimized.


KeyCore designed a new strategy for backup and disaster recovery. The strategy is based on a combination of volume snapshots for disaster recovery through AWS Backup and MS SQL Maintenance jobs for backup and re-establishment of databases.

Database backups are synchronized to S3 to support recovery even if an Availability Zone is down and to reduce storage costs.

The backup model makes it possible to take backups without operational disruptions and to restore to any point-in-time without having consequences for the remaining databases.


This is implemented using the AWS default service, CloudWatch.

KeyCore introduced AWS native logging with customized measurement points (metrics) and Systems Manager to ensure uniform monitoring and performance measurement across the infrastructure.

KeyCore set alarm thresholds on SQL performance metrics to optimize capacity management so that Pronestor does not use larger instances than necessary.


KeyCore set up a Github repository for Pronestor to manage configuration and documentation.

KeyCore established the recovery runbook to use for training and to assist Pronestor in the event of disaster recovery

Pronestor themselves implemented the same solution in their US region based on our documentation and recommendations.


Pronestor’s backup and disaster recovery solutions have been revised and improved.

Pronestor uses AWS solutions to a greater extent to minimize costs in connection with backup compared to before.

Technologies used

AWS Backup
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Systems Manager
S3 med Lifecycle rules
AWS Dynamo DB

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