Danish medical company with a particular focus on the treatment and combating of chronic diseases. Internationally represented with clinical trials in more than 50 countries, 43,000+ employees in 80 offices around the world and marketing of products in 170 countries.


The customer had two challenges that called for a solution.

The existing Microsoft Azure Active Directory had to be expanded so that the use of AWS could also be easily supported.
Business-critical applications in R&D had to be made more efficient through automation of deployment.


KeyCore established an AWS infrastructure with associated vending machines with guardrails for IT security and resource allocation, which ensures that all applications and services are subjected to an automated process for compliance with all compliance requirements: From control, adaptation and approval to final launch.

The cloud infrastructure in AWS gives the customer access to controlled implementation of new AWS accounts in the existing secure enterprise infrastructure based on Microsoft AD (Microsoft Azure Active Directory). This is done by virtue of a number of templates and policies formulated depending on individual user profiles, in strict compliance with the security and documentation requirements that are crucial for actors within life science in order to obtain certification and license-to-operate.


KeyCore ensured that the customer gained access to automated deployment using AWS standard tools and template development to deliver a fully automated deployment process. The solution had a seamless integration with the existing MS Azure DevOps platform and company AD infrastructure.

In addition to providing extensive automated implementation of non-cloud business applications, it also became possible to provide digital support for R&D to meet future accelerating demands from the market-oriented departments to deliver business-critical applications at high speed and with a high degree of flexibility.

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