Service Desk - Standard

Get access to our unique toolbox for monitoring as well as our highly specialised Danish-based service desk during normal working hours. And in addition, have AMS respond around the clock - all year round, if needed.

Standard is the right solution when you want to stay responsible for most of it yourself, but at the same time you want to utilise the benefits of having a global team of real AWS specialists on duty.

  • 8-17 Service Desk via chat og email på dansk og engelsk
  • SLA på reaktionstid - inden for en time ved P1
  • Security Incident Response inkluderet
  • Ugentlig rapportering på oppetid
  • Cloud Arkitekter tilgængelige på T/M
  • Problem Management på T/M
  • Incident Management på T/M
  • Overvågning
  • Løbende Omkostnings Optimimering
  • Backup Management
  • Fuld AMS drifts team - 24/7

There is also an opportunity to include even more in your service desk by choosing Business

Service Desk - Standard
DKK 25.000 per month

Inclusive Partner-Led AMS

DKK 25.000 per month
Percentage of AWS Usage (excluding EC2 instances)

Automatically calculated every month by AWS, and each invoice will contain details.

EC2 instance hours
DKK 0.90 per hour

Regardless of operating system or chip architecture

DKK 0.90 per hour
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